Friday, July 24, 2009

Andi's Speech

When I tell people that my partner and I have been together for nearly 9 years, have 2 kids and a mortgage ..... and that we're about to be married, a common response is "Why?"

Well, there are many reasons ..... and here they are (In no particular order):

  • One reason for getting married is that, as a Jewish family, a wedding is an important milestone in our Jewish lives. We couldn't be more thrilled to have Ian and Carey come all the way from Leeds to celebrate with us and so that Ian could be our Rabbi today. Thankyou both so much.
  • Another significant reason is for the bling. I REALLY WANTED the diamond on my finger. Actually, this particular diamond has lots of historical meaning. It was a gift to my mum from Dad's dad on the occasion of my birth. He was so thrilled to have a baby girl in the family to be named after his late wife that he bought the diamond as a gift for Mum to say thankyou. Dan and I have taken the stone and re-set it to make it our own so it represents both a family history and our shared lives together. I think my grandfather would have approved and wish he ... and infact all my grandparents ... could have been here today. They would all have loved it.
  • Which segues nicely to the bit of my speech where we remember the people we have loved and who would have loved to be here today. In particular, Dan's late Grandparents who have already been mentioned by Shirley, my Mama who was silly and fun and loved a good shindig, Grandma Abay who loved family celebrations and was always so sweet to me and my little family. And of course, Johnny, who we lost last year but will always be a most beloved member of our family.
  • Speaking of family, I'd like to mention some family members who ARE here today. My children are so lucky to have doting aunts, uncles and a bevy of cousins and especially to have 4 grandparents and one great-grandparent all healthy and well and involved in their lives. This is something Dan and I were not lucky enough to have. Thankyou to Shirley, Peter and to Nan for welcoming me so warmly into your family. To my family, and inparticular to Mum and Dad, you have been my support network since my earliest days and I thank you for all the love and caring I have received along the way.
  • The next reason for getting married is for the party. What a fabulous excuse to bring together our friends and family ... all the important people in our lives .... to celebrate with us. Thankyou all so much for being here with us today. Many of you have come from far and wide. Thankyou to those of you who have travelled from interstate to be here with us. We really appreciate your efforts. Special mention has to go to those of you who have come from even further afield. Ian and Carey, we have already mentioned. My cousin Ilana has come from LA especially for this occasion as have my dear friends Emma and Richard and their 2 girls who have come all the way from Manchester. It shows true dedication for a Brit to leave a relatively hot English Summer and have a holiday in wintery Melbourne.
  • Another reason for Dan and I getting married today is for our children. We decided to wait until Jake and Ella were old enough to understand what was going on and to really enjoy the party and hopefully remember it. I am so proud of my two gingies. Jake is my sweet and sensitive boy who amazes me with his sense of fun and unending love of all things train related. My Ella is cheeky and headstrong (can't think where she gets that) and gives me such delicious cuddles I think I could melt everyday. Jake and Ella, I love you both more than you know and I am so proud to be your Ima.
  • Of course the most important reason for this wedding, from my perspective, is Dan. Dan, you are everything I have ever wanted in a partner. You are kind, clever, devoted to me and the children ... you are my confidant and my very best friend in the world. Dan, I love you with all my heart. You know this has to be true because you are the only person in the world for whom I would do what I am about to do ....

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